vintage wholesale



About Vintage Wholesale?


Let us tell you a little about in case you are new to the business.


Wholesaling for any business means that we source the items you require and them sell them onto you for you to sell onto your clients. There are different way in which wholesalers work.


At we offer something different  for the businesses that prefer to hand pick their stock and choose exactly what they are after.


When we buy we hand pick all of our stock that comes into the warehouse so at the time of buying we are thinking about our customers and the kind of stock they are after. We look at the grading of the stock and make sure all items are in good Grade A sellable condition.


We choose our stock personally and think that you should be able to do the same  so let you do just that. With a pre made appointment you can come to our warehouse and hand pick your stock. We think this gives you exactly the right stock for your customers and doesn't leave you with stock left on the shelf that doesn't sell because it's just not good enough. You can find contact details at


Other wholesalers buy in shipments of clothing from abroad then split it in their factory and allow you to buy in bales of a particular item such as 30kg of knitwear. There wont be any selection process in this method you will literally be buying blind as you wont be able to view the clothes individually beforehand. This can work for some people if you are not too bothered about what you are going to get and the grade of it.


So there's your choices........which one is right for you and your business?